Forensics – EzDump-Compromised

EzDump – Compromised writeup by srdnlen Category: FORENSICS. Solves: 35 Points: 200 Description: We do not understand. We changed the password of k3vin but it look’s like someone can still access his account. Can you please find out how the hacker did ? The dump is the same as the one from EzDump – BuildContinua a leggere “Forensics – EzDump-Compromised”

WEB – Dolla Dolla Dillz

Dolla Dolla Dillz Writeup by Srdnlen Category: WEB. Solves: 8 Points: 200 Description: (=^・ω・^=) made by: ollien Note: is NOT part of this challenge Writeup The website looks pretty simple in the frontend, we have a login form and a registration form in which we tried some injections that didn’t work, after weContinua a leggere “WEB – Dolla Dolla Dillz”

Reverse – Vault door 8

Vault door 8 – 450pt Challenge Apparently Dr. Evil’s minions knew that our agency was making copies of their source code, because they intentionally sabotaged this source code in order to make it harder for our agents to analyze and crack into! The result is a quite mess, but I trust that my best specialContinua a leggere “Reverse – Vault door 8”

Reverse – Vault door 7

Vault door 7 – 400pt Challenge This vault uses bit shifts to convert a password string into an array of integers. Hurry, agent, we are running out of time to stop Dr. Evil’s nefarious plans! The source code for this vault is here: Hints Use a decimal/hexademical converter such as this one: YouContinua a leggere “Reverse – Vault door 7”

Reverse – Vault door 6

Vault door 6 – 350pt Challenge This vault uses an XOR encryption scheme. The source code for this vault is here: Hints If X ^ Y = Z, then Z ^ Y = X. Write a program that decrypts the flag based on this fact. Solution Again, there’s a list of numbers meant toContinua a leggere “Reverse – Vault door 6”

Reverse – Vault door 5

Vault door 5 – 300pt Challenge In the last challenge, you mastered octal (base 8), decimal (base 10), and hexadecimal (base 16) numbers, but this vault door uses a different change of base as well as URL encoding! The source code for this vault is here: Hints You may find an encoder/decoder tool helpful,Continua a leggere “Reverse – Vault door 5”

Reverse – Vault door 4

Vault door 4 – 250pt Challenge This vault uses ASCII encoding for the password. The source code for this vault is here: Hints Use a search engine to find an "ASCII table". You will also need to know the difference between octal, decimal, and hexademical numbers. Solution There’s a list of numbers in theContinua a leggere “Reverse – Vault door 4”

Reverse – Vault door 3

Vault door 3 – 200pt Challenge This vault uses for-loops and byte arrays. The source code for this vault is here: Hints Make a table that contains each value of the loop variables and the corresponding buffer index that it writes to. Solution The function inside the source file scrambles the flag. To decodeContinua a leggere “Reverse – Vault door 3”

Reverse – Vault door 1

Vault door 1 – 100pt Challenge This vault uses some complicated arrays! I hope you can make sense of it, special agent. The source code for this vault is here: Hints Look up the charAt() method online. Solution The flag is the sequence of chars in checkPassword, you just need to sort it becauseContinua a leggere “Reverse – Vault door 1”

Reverse – Vault Door training

Vault door training – 50pt Challenge Your mission is to enter Dr. Evil’s laboratory and retrieve the blueprints for his Doomsday Project. The laboratory is protected by a series of locked vault doors. Each door is controlled by a computer and requires a password to open. Unfortunately, our undercover agents have not been able toContinua a leggere “Reverse – Vault Door training”