Reverse – Vault door 3

Vault door 3 – 200pt Challenge This vault uses for-loops and byte arrays. The source code for this vault is here: Hints Make a table that contains each value of the loop variables and the corresponding buffer index that it writes to. Solution The function inside the source file scrambles the flag. To decodeContinua a leggere “Reverse – Vault door 3”

Reverse – Time’s Up, One Last Time

Time’s Up, One Last Time – 500pts. Please take a minute to read the writeup of Time’s Up Again before reading this writeup First Look Let’s run the program and see what happens. osboxes@osboxes:/pico19/timesUp3$ ./times-up-one-last-time Challenge: (((((81350923) x (992025469)) * ((-345445693) f (-1965453472))) o (((-1637073355) t (953418846)) x ((-1728968449) ^ (-1556478121)))) o ((((-1265342796) o (-2122365540))Continua a leggere “Reverse – Time’s Up, One Last Time”

Forensics – Glory_of_the_garden

Glory of the garden – 50pts. Challenge This garden contains more than it seems: Hints What is a hex editor? Solution This challenge is very easy. First we have downloaded a file called garden.jpg Using the linux terminal, we use "strings"on garden.jpg Among the values obtained, we find the flag of this challenge! picoCTF{more_than_m33ts_the_3y36BCA684D}