20th place at angstromCTF 2020

ångstromCTF, a capture-the-flag (CTF) competition hosted and organized entirely by students at Montgomery Blair High School! CTF cybersecurity competitions have become an increasingly popular way for students to learn more about cybersecurity and develop and refine their hacking skills. These competitions are designed to educate and inspire high school students through interactive hacking challenges. ThisContinua a leggere “20th place at angstromCTF 2020”

7th Place at Cryptowars 2019

The crypto group (CLUB) of the System Security and Cryptography Lab, at Università degli Studi di Milano, in collaboration with De Componendis Cifris (Associazione italiana di Crittografia) and Clusit (The Italian Association for Computer Security), organized the "Cryptowars 2019". This contest aims to raise awareness of the fact that cryptographic algorithms get old and theyContinua a leggere “7th Place at Cryptowars 2019”