4th place at SPbCTF and 13th place at SquareCTF

After a long weekend of CTFs we are proud to announce that we collected two very good results at SPbCTF and at SquareCTF. Furthermore the first ctf allow us to partecipate in another CTF that will take place on the 29th of November and will be an Attack/Defense challenge. We are already looking forward toContinua a leggere “4th place at SPbCTF and 13th place at SquareCTF”

Forensics – EzDump-Compromised

EzDump – Compromised writeup by srdnlen Category: FORENSICS. Solves: 35 Points: 200 Description: We do not understand. We changed the password of k3vin but it look’s like someone can still access his account. Can you please find out how the hacker did ? The dump is the same as the one from EzDump – BuildContinua a leggere “Forensics – EzDump-Compromised”

WEB – Dolla Dolla Dillz

Dolla Dolla Dillz Writeup by Srdnlen Category: WEB. Solves: 8 Points: 200 Description: (=^・ω・^=) http://dillz.wpictf.xyz made by: ollien Note: cataas.com is NOT part of this challenge Writeup The website looks pretty simple in the frontend, we have a login form and a registration form in which we tried some injections that didn’t work, after weContinua a leggere “WEB – Dolla Dolla Dillz”

20th place at angstromCTF 2020

ångstromCTF, a capture-the-flag (CTF) competition hosted and organized entirely by students at Montgomery Blair High School! CTF cybersecurity competitions have become an increasingly popular way for students to learn more about cybersecurity and develop and refine their hacking skills. These competitions are designed to educate and inspire high school students through interactive hacking challenges. ThisContinua a leggere “20th place at angstromCTF 2020”